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Corporate Profile

Founded in 2005, Saranya Group was incepted in the Vision of developing and constructing Residential Apartment's and Commercial Complex's in and around Bengaluru. As the tag line “Live complete " indicates, Saranya Group believes in creating exceptionally unique homes with live neighbor hoods. With a Mission of providing finest Residential and Commercial Projects with excellent facilities in prime sectors, Saranya Group has constructed over 3,80,000 Sq. Ft., which includes of 300 Units of 6 Residential as on March 2013. Saranya Group expands its way of excellent construction and service.

Management Team

Founder & Managing Director of Saranya Group, Mr. Madhu Y had the Vision of developing excellent quality homes with affordable price and most happening commercial spaces in the prime sectors of Bengaluru. Mr. Madhu Y considers the achievement of Saranya Group is certainly possible because of the excellent Team he has, who are dedicatedly joined with him for the growth of the company and themselves. His vision is to reach 200% growth in the upcoming year. Saranya group has excellent, dedicated and visionary members in Management Team who are responsible for the growth and achievements in the past and in the future.

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Technical Team

Saranya Group has an outstanding and pivotal Technical Team consists of Engineers, Architects and Executives who helps surpass customer expectations continuously. Saranya Group Technical Team yields results based on Technical Know-How and Technical Know-Why. Uncompromising on any technical aspect, our Technical Team produces exceptional outcomes within specified technical boundaries.

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A constant growth oriented company delivering excellent quality of work with exceptional customer service through appropriate planning & execution to build enduring mutual trust & satisfaction among our patrons and workforces.

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Constructing lively and finest quality products of Residential and Commercial Spaces at prime sectors with excellent facilities at an affordable cost in assured time which gives true value to our customers.

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Quality Policy

Offering Quality Products to the Patrons with Finest Service; meeting Quality Prospects of Customers, Statutory, Regulatory, Industry and ISO Standards through continuous excellence in committed and innovative Quality Morals enhancing the Quality Management System suitable and achievable in the present and in the near future.

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Quality Objectives

  • Proper Approval at all levels
  • Detailed Planning
  • Appropriate Estimation
  • Cost Budgeting
  • Execution
  • Cost Control
  • Enhanced Customer Service
  • Constructing Quality Product
  • Timely completion
  • Customer Satisfaction

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Quality Commitment

Saranya Group commitment to Quality in constructing and delivering superior value products to the customers is achieved through the standards and procedures followed in purchase of space & materials, hiring talents & professionals from the industry for execution, liaison with the top vendors & business partners, cautious execution at each stage of work progress, regular monitoring, reviewing & rectifying the gaps if any with the help of detailed check points at each stage and many other methodologies charted for the timely completion of the projects to exceed the expectations of the customers.

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Saranya Group believes “Live complete, It’s a Journey”. To make this journey successful Saranya Group Team strictly follows the organization attributes like responsibility & dedication towards work, sincerity in executing all duties & responsibilities, maintaining punctuality, achieving perfection in the job, being self-disciplined & obedient, justifying to the work, always carrying right & pleasant attitude, working hard & as well smart, cooperating with the associates and showing true professionalism in every aspect of business.

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Customers are the reason and purpose of our existence


Our future is depended on our Employees and their essential output


Workforces are the people who make ours and our customer’s dreams come true


Spine of our business process

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  • Mutual Trust
  • Quality in Work
  • Customer Service
  • Team Satisfaction

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Coporate Social Responsibility

Saranya Group believes for stable and sustainable growth, every organization should contribute to the development of the society by all means possible. The actual growth of the company lies on its investment in social and sub-communities involved with it in the business process.

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